April 03 2018
Win! with KU Bikes

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1st Prize £30 'One4all' gift card + yearly subscription

2nd Prize £20 'One4all' gift card + yearly subscription

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5x annual subscriptions
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15x weekly subscriptions

KU Bikes
February 15 2018

To ensure that KU-Bikes users can enjoy the service at its best, the prices have changed !
Unlimited 1 hour rides with every pass, thereafter £0.50/30 minutes.

KU Bikes Team.


November 06 2017
Only Kingston University's staff and students can access the bike-sharing scheme.
Thank you for your understanding.

KU Bikes team
August 01 2017
The New KU Bike is now available ! 

Enjoy a ride with the new Smoove e-bike at Kingston University when travelling between Penryn Road and Kingston Hill.