How it works


Aimed at increasing cycle journeys between campuses, e-bikes were selected to help riders overcome Kingston Hill. The e-bikes are power assisted and rely on the bike recognising that the rider is working harder to cycle up an incline and then provides power assistance to make it easier to cycle up the hill. The power assistance is automatic and cuts out once you stop pedalling or when the bike has reached its top speed. This 1 year pilot scheme consists of 18 ebikes with 36 docking points installed at the Penrhyn Road and Kingston Hill campuses.

There are a variety of membership cost options to choose from to provide flexibility to users and membership numbers are controlled to manage bike availability. If you need to make a stop, use the cable lock in the handlebars to lock the bike on your trip.

Remember, the timer keeps running ! 

* Only Kingston University's staff and students can access the bike-sharing scheme.

How to register
You can easily register to our bike sharing system :
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